Synopsis: Yukiya, who is “probably” 14 years old, spends his time DJ-ing alone. Due to his father’s influence, he’s listened to house music since he was young, and he uploads videos online. He wants to convey something to someone. He wants to be recognized, and become important. But getting hurt is scary. One day, while trying to get more views, he does something that can’t be undone. And he sees a live broadcast from “that world.” Yukiya believes he can’t do anything alone, but that he could accomplish something if he were doing it together with someone else.

Year: 2019

Language: Japanese Subtitled (English)

Genere: Action, Music


Episode List

W’z episode 1
W’z episode 2
W’z episode 3
W’z episode 4
W’z episode 5
W’z episode 6
W’z episode 7
W’z episode 8
W’z episode 9
W’z episode 10
W’z episode 11
W’z episode 12
W’z episode 13




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